Apr-18-16 Antibe Therapeutics Announces the Launch of PentOS OI™ Putty, A High-Quality Bone Graft Substitute for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Mar-31-16 Antibe Therapeutics Announces Appointment of The Giordano Group Inc as US-Based Investor Relations Consultant
Mar-09-16 Antibe Therapeutics Announces Grant of Stock Options
Mar-07-16 Antibe Therapeutics’ ATB-346 Receives Approval for Phase 2 Clinical Trial in Osteoarthritis Patients
Feb-29-16 Antibe Therapeutics Reports Q3 2016 Interim Financial and Operating Results
Feb-24-16 Profound Preventative and Restorative Effects of ATB-346 in Mice with Genetic Predisposition to Intestinal Cancer
Feb-02-16 Antibe Therapeutics Closes Acquisition of Minority Interest in Citagenix Inc.
Jan-27-16 Antibe Therapeutics Announces Payment in Kind Election
Jan-12-16 Antibe Therapeutics Signs Exclusive License & Distribution Agreement for Novel Bone Regenerating Biological Product
Dec-24-15 Antibe Therapeutics Announces Brokered Private Placement
Dec-21-15 Antibe Therapeutics Announces Completion of Validation Studies of ATB-346, Progression to Phase 2 Clinical Trials
Dec-01-15 Antibe Therapeutics Reports Q2 2016 Interim Financial and Operating Results and Appoints New CFO
Nov-16-15 Antibe Enters into a GUD Product Licensing Agreement with Knight Therapeutics
Oct-16-15 Antibe Therapeutics Closes Strategic Transactions
Oct-08-15 Antibe Therapeutics’ Lead Drug Shows Promising Effects in Alveolar Bone Loss Study
Oct-06-15 Antibe Therapeutics Announces Strategic Transactions
Aug-27-15 Antibe Therapeutics Reports Q1 2016 Interim Financial and Operating Results and a Further Update on its Validation Studies
Aug-10-15 Antibe Announces Completion of Phase I Studies of ATB-346 and an Update on its Validation Studies
Jul-28-15 Antibe Therapeutics Reports Year-End Financial and Operating Results
Jul-20-15 Antibe Therapeutics Announces Addition of Aspirin Derivative to its Product Pipeline and Provides an Update on Validation Studies